Medimex Ayurdevic Intimate Hygiene Wash Review

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It has been quite some time that I have shared a product review with you all. Well today I shall be sharing my take on the Medimex Ayurdevic Intimate Hygiene Wash! I happen to use this product and I’m really impressed with it. Medimex is one of the old school Ayurvedic brands which has always stood out. They have recently launched this very product for the personal hygiene of women.


This product is specially designed with the goodness of proven Ayurdevic herbs, Medimex Ayurdevic Intimate Hygiene Wash is a safe and effective personal hygiene formulation enriched with smoothness and emollient substances. It’s natural Ayurvedic formulation contains orange oil, rosemary, neem aloe and many other ingredients that offer daily natural protection against dryness and unpleasant odour. It also keeps you fresh and fragrant, helps in reduce irritation and other infections as it helps to preserve your body’s natural pH balance. Should be used daily in the shower for day long freshness and lubrication.

Directions to use: Gently press the bottle to gather a few drops of the product on your palm. Apply and lather on intimate areas and rinse it off with water.


PRICE: 150/-

The chemical-free promise of Medimex: Medimex Ayurdevic intimate hygiene wash is an Ayurdevic formulation and all it’s ingredients are natural as opposed by synthetic components in beauty products. Medimex Intimate Hygeine Wash is free of chemicals like: SELS (Sulfate free), Nitrosamine free, Paraben free, Soap free. It has mild baby care product surfactant. Since it is free of harmful chemicals, the product very safe and mild. Here are a few images of the product for your visual assistance. Have a look dolls! 😍😍

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Apart from the retailed stores, this product is also available here, Do have a look dolls!

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